South Florida Guardianship Property Management

South Florida Guardianship Property Management

South Florida Guardianship Program offers clients wholesome service property management services. If you’re an older adult that needs help with managing property like automobiles, real estate, etc, we tailor our services to suit your specific needs.

As a management agency, we come up with continuous, preventative maintenance roles that will help us oversee and inspect work undertaken by licensed contractors.

Before agreeing with our clients, we ensure that SFGP gets hold of written bids and court orders pertaining to the law. Some of the services we offer under the property management segment include…


Tailored Management Package Designed To Fit The Client’s Needs

South Florida Guardianship Program offers clients a strategic partner to help them manage their property. We offer services such as;

  • Creating manageable budgets and coming up with cashflow forecasts
  • Taking over monthly bookkeeping and payroll
  • Drawing up monthly management statements together with interpretation and advice

We offer our clients services that will help them reach their end goal. In essence, SFGP helps us deliver quality property management services.

Through these services, we come up with actionable steps and framework that encompasses business plans, cash flow forecasts, budgets, etc.

Our professional property management experts provide clients with monthly reports that help keep track of financial performances, allowing clients to follow whether they’re on track with their targets.


Regular Property Inspections To Ensure Property Maintenance and Security

Maintaining residential property calls for ongoing care, including preventive maintenance services that guarantee longevity. By conducting regular maintenance, we ensure that all properties under our care remain in good condition.

Our inspection services help us identify any maintenance issues that require fixing before they become more complex and expensive issues.

SFGP conducts several kinds of inspections including routine inspections relevant to the commencement and the end of a lease term. We maintain excellent records of inspections, such as notes, with both dates and pictures.

Keeping these reports, including the paperwork, helps us, together with the client, keep track of the condition the property is in. They also form part of legal documents should the need arise.


Evaluation and Recommendations for Repair Work as Needed

As time moves on, property improvements wear out and deteriorate, assessment and recommendations for repair works are needed. The review may dictate where and when significant repairs and renovations need to be done to avoid a crisis.

To deal with property improvement issues, we consider the following aspects:

Insurance: We check to see whether our clients have insurance cover.

We liaise with the property agent to carry out a site inspection. We also check whether the client’s premium savings align with property improvements.

Existing Warrantees: South Florida Guardianship Program property management agents will find out whether the manufacturer’s and contractor’s warranties are in effect. We liaise with the contractors to schedule a site inspection.

Incentives and Taxes: We go through the incentives offered on individual properties to point out any water, savings programs, energy, or cash incentives that will come in handy for our clients.

Our team of experts will also review tax ramifications as well as additional credits and deductions.


Coordination and Supervision of Repairs

SFGP property agents directly supervise and coordinate the repairs undertaken by installers, mechanics, painters, repairers, etc. They also assign work, prepare work schedules, and supervise the work product.

The agents will participate in the modification of existing or construction of new properties, ensuring that the client’s needs are met to satisfaction.


Arranging For Emergency Repairs

Since we deal with elderly clients that may be suffering one issue or another, SFGP is in contact with plumbers, painters, construction workers, etc.

In case an issue such as the drainage system, gas piping, or electrical surfaces, our management team will ensure that the right professional gets to the site on time and carry out necessary repairs.

Will almost thirty years running, South Florida Guardianship Program continues to work with contractors, builders, plumbers, and others in the property sector. With such contacts, we ensure swift, quality and affordable repairs are done timely.


24-Hour Emergency Service

South Florida Guardianship Program property management staff is available around the clock to cater to emergency services.

The team provides professional emergency response and assistance with any sort of property-related damage such as fire, storm damage, burst water pipes, vandalism, and flooding.

Property related emergencies lead to millions of dollars in damage each year, by offering around the clock emergency services, we help our clients by minimizing further destruction and loss. We work closely with insurance companies, coordinating with them before repairs commence.


Assists Clients In Moving To A New Location When Needed

South Florida Guardianship Program caters to the elderly in society that requires care. We help them manage their property should the need arise and also handle the moving when it comes to relocation.

Some clients have properties that are too big or have an upstairs wing that they can’t navigate up and down the step with ease. They need to move to a more friendly space, such as a bungalow and require moving services.

SFGP staff will look for an appropriate home/location, arrange the moving dates, time and transportation. We ensure that the client and his/her family is comfortable and agreeable with the new location before we start the moving process.


Packing Personal Belongings for Relocation or Storage

When we approach the moving day, most of the clients in our care need assistance with packing their stuff. The staff at SFGP is more than eager to ensure that our clients are well taken care of.

We put in recorded everything in the property before packing. All the boxes get labeled before shipping them out.

Our staff ensures that the personal belongings that the client needs accompany him/her to the new location and everything else are either put in storage or given out following the client’s needs.

If there are no prior storage arrangements, we shall find suitable storage spaces, that are secure, affordable, and spacious enough to accommodate everything that will be boxed and put away.