South Florida Guardianship Home

South Florida Guardianship Home

South Florida Guardianship Program was instituted in 1991 by the current President and Executive director Kathleen Phillips. From inception, SFGP continues to offer quality professional services for the community.

As a private nonprofit organization, SFGP provides a full-service corporate guardian, including care management.


South Florida Guardianship Program renders services to persons in need. We hold the work we do to the highest professional standards. The services that we undertake are created to optimize the welfare and the dignity of every individual client.

We exercise our duties following the authority granted to us to protect and service our clients. We involve their guardians and family members as much as possible in decision making.


Guardianship Program

A guardian is an appointed person or institution by law to care for an individual or property, and in some cases, both. SFGP understands and appreciates the role care management plays in society.

The duties carried out by this institution and guardians are enshrined in the laws governing Florida State. The laws are overseen and interpreted by the Supreme Court of Florida. The program offers a lot of services geared towards the protection and care for all clients.

SFGP renders services that grant clients a sense of independence, stay healthy, and observe general well-being.

South Florida Guardianship Program staff is experienced, friendly, and professional, components that make it possible for the institution to offer numerous benefits to clients and members of their families.

SFGP takes specialty in caring for older persons in society, suffering from several issues, and mostly live by themselves. The program absorbs in older adults going through a crisis.

By providing 24-7 services, the elderly in SFGP’s care profit from legal, financial, psychiatric, social, and medical services. Based on the needs of the client, we task either a social worker or registered nurse to undertake professional care services to the assigned client.

We work side by side with the elder’s family members guaranteeing that their loved ones receive proper care management services.

South Florida Guardianship Program works with individuals with disabilities. The program caters to individuals with age-related conditions, mental illness, development disability, persons with a physical handicap, and people that have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Some clients under SFGP care suffer from minor to no disabilities but chose to utilize voluntary guardianship, trust, or other arrangements.

We work with a team of qualified personnel that has collective expertise in law, social work, financial management, community service, and health care.

By incorporating the team approach, our staff monitors and supervises elders in our care around the clock, to meet everyone’s unique needs and wants.

In instances where guardianship isn’t necessary, families are more comfortable when their loved ones are under the expert care management facilitated by South Florida Guardianship Program.

SFGP relies on a multidimensional and multidisciplinary assessment program that makes it easier to evaluate older persons in our care.

The assessment allows SFGP to evaluate the clients, physical health, mental and cognition health, functional ability, not forgetting their socio-environmental impact.

Acting by the doctor’s advice, SFGP medical staff assesses the elder’s physical health elements such as; nutrition, vision, urinary and fecal continence, hearing, and balance.

The geriatric assessments play an essential role in the diagnosis of medical conditions, coming up with treatment plans, and carrying out follow-up plans.

The assessments help in the coordination of care management and evaluation of long-term care needs for the older person.

The assessment provides wholesome and relevant feedback about the elder’s psycho-social issues, medical issues, and functional problems they’re going through.

South Florida Guardianship Program is registered with the Department of Elder Affairs, Statewide Public Guardianship Office.


Financial Services

When an elderly adult has not put in place a system to take care of bill-paying, filing tax and other related services, due to their age and are unable to cope with money management, that’s where SFGP comes into play.

SFGP extends financial services to seniors that are unable to manage their finances. Thanks to our dedicated team of financial experts, we help our clients properly manage their finances while saving on costs.

We take off the burden from our clients, easing the pressure from their lives, giving them room to relax by taking over their money matters.

Our bookkeeping and bill paying services encompass the following:

Tax preparation: SFGP ensures that senior’s under our care, tax returns are filed promptly and are error-free. Taxes get filed early to ensure that the rebates and refunds entitled to the elderly are granted in full.

Daily Money Management: SFGP takes over the role of paying bills, including rent, utilities, mortgage, day-to-day expenses, and home health care services.

Healthcare and Insurance payments: SFGP doesn’t make medical decisions for the elderly. However, the staff entrusted with every individual’s care ensures that insurance premiums are paid fully and timely.

SFGP ensures that doctor co-pays are met, deductibles are satisfied, alongside other related things.


Property Management

South Florida Guardianship Program grants clients wholesome property management services.

Elderly persons that may need help with managing property, such as real estate, vehicles, and animal farms, SFGP offers custom managerial services to suit everyone’s needs.

As a management agency, SFGP incorporates preventative maintenance roles that aid in overseeing and inspecting construction and repair work by licensed contractors. SFGP property management services are available around the clock.

The team charged with property management provides professional emergency response and assistance with all property-related damage, including; burst water pipes, fire, vandalism, floodings, and storm damage.

Property damage causes millions of dollars annually, by offering 24-hr emergency services, SFGP helps clients minimize further destruction and loss.

SFGP has close, professional relationships with insurance companies and work fast to coordinate with them before repairs begin.

South Florida Guardianship Program property agents directly supervise and oversee the repairs undertaken by numerous servicemen, including paintwork, plumbing, electric and gas installations, etc.

The property management staff assigns roles, prepares work schedules, and supervises the work product. SFGP property agents take part in the modification of new or expansion of existing properties to match up with the client’s needs and expectations.