South Florida Guardianship Financial Services

South Florida Guardianship Financial Services

South Florida Guardianship Program (SFGP) came into being back in 1991. The program provides top-notch services for the larger elderly community.

As a private, non-profit institution, SFGP acts as a wholesome amalgamate guardian and care manager for the elderly. Financial services are among the rooster of services that we offer.

Every client enlisted in this program receives personalized financial services from our staff. To ensure smooth sailing, South Florida Guardianship Program accords every person individualized attention. We put into account, care needs, assets, and income.

We have a professional accounting personnel department that prioritizes the client’s assets, pays bills on their behalf, manages, and secures assets. As a non-profit program, we use community and government benefits and insurance to the maximum.

Moreover, we work together with families, thus providing assistance and advice when it comes to budgeting as well as other financial aspects.  We undertake the following financial services on behalf of the older adult.


Bookkeeping and Bill Paying Services

When an elderly adult has not put in place a system to take care of bill-paying, filing tax and other related services, due to their age and are unable to cope with money management, that’s where SFGP comes into play.

Our financial services are dedicated to helping seniors manage their finances, and since we have been at it for almost 30 years, we shall help you save on costs! We take off the burden from you and allow the senior to relax as we manage the finances.

Our bookkeeping and bill paying services extends to the following;

Daily Money Management: We take over paying bills such as utilities, rent, mortgage, home health care services, including everyday expenses.

Tax Preparation: we ensure that the elder’s tax returns are filed timely are error-free, we make sure we do the taxes early to ensure that they receive the rebates and refunds granted to them.

Insurance and Healthcare Payments: We will NOT make medical decisions for the older person. However, we shall ensure that insurance premiums are paid in full and on time. We see to it that doctor co-pays are met, all deductibles get satisfied, among other related things.


Preparation of Required Accounting For The Court

Unless dictated otherwise by the court, once you get appointed as a legal guardian, you must file an accounting with the court, a year after the appointment. After this initial step, you can file the same every two years until the guardianship appointment gets terminated.

To make things easier, the South Florida Guardianship Program helps you create, review the accounting information before proceeding to court.

We keep track and file all receipts and expenditures; we include investment transactions and property if there are any at the end of the accounting period.


Expert Filing For Government Benefits

There are several financial, nutritional, and medical government benefits that seniors qualify for.

There are additional assistance programs that help with nutrition, health care costs, including access to community volunteer activities that our experts are familiar with and come in handy for elderly persons.

We help older adults file for Social Security Medical Program, a health insurance program for persons aged 65 years plus, we also file for senior citizens that have a qualifying disability.

For elderly persons with limited income and resources, we assist them by filing for medicare savings programs. They profit from deductibles as well as Medicare premiums.

For elders that are 62 and above and have enough credits, we assist them in filing for social security retirement insurance benefits.


Medical and Insurance Claims Processing

South Florida Guardianship Program caters to patients needing Long Term Care Insurance. We have ample experience in processing medical and insurance claims.

We have a close and mutual understanding with Long term Care Insurance carriers that make the medical and insurance claims processes easy for all our elderly clients.

We offer additional services such as home care assessments, we file complete and submit all necessary claim paperwork on your behalf, easing the process.

In almost thirty years of SFGP being in operation, we continue dealing with a plethora of long-term health care insurance companies, thus creating strong affiliations with a majority of said agencies.


Professional Asset Management and Analysis

The program presents several models of asset management and analysis for the elderly. We center on saving, gift-giving, spend-down assets, and health influences on said processes.

We continue studying the elderly health evolution as well as the impact of economic variables on their health outcomes. We derive the results from estimating the models’ thanks to the data shown on waves one and two of the AHEAD dataset.

Thanks to the equations system, we use a model of asset management that helps the elderly in our care to make decisions about asset management. When it comes to asset management services, we use different analysis.

We make groups of households in which the head and partner (if both are alive) are in poor health and those that are in good health.

Such specifications allow for differences in health that affect both marginal effects and the average level of economic outcomes of income and wealth. The analysis will enable us to include in the model a set of socio-demographic control variables.


Liaison with trust Departments and Investment Firms

When it comes to wealth management, we design comprehensive strategies and connect you with reputable trust departments and investment firms that will cater to your individual financial needs.

South Florida Guardianship Program is the resource you can count on for all your liaison with trust departments and investment firms.

Preparation of Personal Tax Returns

Because the state of Florida doesn’t collect income tax on individuals, no resident is required to file for a Florida State Income Tax Return.

That said, however, you might require to put together and send an electronic-file Florida Federal Income Tax Return. That’s where our financial services experts come in to aid the elderly by undertaking this burden on their behalf.

The tax preparers at SFGP will handle the elder’s income tax returns. We ensure that our clients take full advantage of available tax credits so that their profit from huge savings!