South Florida Guardianship Care Management

South Florida Guardianship Care Management

A guardian is a court-appointed person or institution that cares for a person, property, and in some instances, both. South Florida Guardianship Program knows the critical role care management plays in society.

These duties are prescribed by the laws governing Florida State overseen and interpreted by Florida’s Supreme Court. The program offers numerous services aimed at protecting and caring for all clients.

Through these services, elderly persons experience a sense of independence, remain healthy, and achieve general well-being.

We work with an experienced, friendly and professional team that helps SFGP grants a variety of benefits to our clients and their family members.

We take a specialty in caring for a lot of the wards suffering from multiple issues and live by themselves. We also take in new clients who are often going through a crisis.

With our round the clock services, elderly persons in our care profit from legal, psychiatric, financial, medical, and social services.

Based on the client’s needs, we assign either a social worker or a registered nurse to provide the ward with professional care management services. We work together with family members to ensure that their loved one receives the care management services.

The services elderly persons receive under South Florida Guardianship Program include…

Provide Assessments

At the program, we prefer using a multidisciplinary and multidimensional assessment platform that helps us better evaluate the ward. We assess their physical health, functional ability, mental and cognition health, as well as their socio-environmental impact.

Following the doctor’s advice, the professionals also evaluate the elder’s physical health elements, including; vision, balance, hearing, nutrition, urinary, and fecal continence.

These geriatric assessments play a critical part in diagnosing medical conditions, coming up with treatment and follow-up plans, and coordinating care management and not forgetting the evaluation of the long-term care needs of the ward.

The assessments give complete and relevant feedback about wards’ psychosocial issues, functional problems, as well as medical issues.


Develop A Care Plan

To conduct a thorough assessment of the preparations that the elderly will need, South Florida Guardianship Program works with the appointed guardian/relative of the individual to create a robust care plan.

A care plan is a document that carries the details of needs, responsibilities, and actions to be done.

The plan acts as a way to manage risk and spell out contingency plans that guardians, family members, wards, health professionals, and caregivers need to do regularly to avert a crisis.

A care plan can only suffice after our professionals consult with the ward, guardian, family members, or the attending doctor.


General Management of The Client’s Lifestyle

When caring for the elderly, there are essential things that SFGP takes into account. The possibility of long-term care and nursing home care should be considered when it comes to managing an older adult and their lifestyle.

The number of wards with complex needs is increasing. The amount of home support extended to the elderly is also rising, and thus, why it’s essential to consider their lifestyle.

Our professional team ensures that the unique needs of each individual are met when it comes to assigning personal care. If the ward is given home-care, the environment should be comfortable enough for them.

If they move into assisted living facilities, the adjustment should be centered around their happiness and comfort as well.


Discharge Planning and Placement Services

When Needed SFGP has enough human resources to cater to every older person’s needs. If you need assistance in planning his or her lifestyle, bill payments, care, and other things, we shall assign an individual to assist you with the planning.

If you’re looking for a home to place your loved one and don’t know where to start, we shall help you with the same.

We have healthy working relationships with numerous homes and caregiving agents all over south Florida. We shall ensure that everything you need for placement services ticks your box.


Personal Visits

South Florida Guardianship Program manages personal visits for, wards living at home or in an elderly care facility. We manage things such as companion care, work with them to let in people they want to see that will bring them joy.

Isolation and loneliness in elderly persons are linked to poor emotional and physical health. SFGP offers companion services through senior care programs.

Through personal visits, we encourage social interaction that helps older people continue living a happy and comfortable home. Companion care is perfect for, wards who live alone or far away from family.

Personal visits act as a lifeline for older persons that lack the energy, physical well-being, or motivation to lead a normal life.


Advocate With Care Providers

Legal advocacy is a renowned strategy used in influencing the health of older people who require care.

South Florida Guardianship Program advocates with care providers to increase public benefits access for the elderly, improve housing stability, and minimize psychosocial distress among the older people needing or in care.

Legal advocacy plays a pivotal role in the elderly and their health care. SFGP provides legal services to older persons with the greatest social or economic needs.


Transportation Arrangements

Since wards with care needs find it difficult to navigate from one place to the next, especially for doctor appointments and going out for fresh air. South Florida Guardianship Program makes transportation arrangements for all clients in our care.

We ensure that they get picked up in good time for their errands, and the mode of transport is convenient for their travels.

If they’re living in an assisted facility, we work with the care providers to make sure that the older persons can move conveniently even if the home’s transport program doesn’t match their schedule.

South Florida Guardianship Program aims at extending caregiving services to everyone in need. We undertake our work with passion and ensure we deliver nothing but satisfactory services.

We render services that optimize both the welfare and the dignity of individual clients. We follow the rule of law to the letter ensuring that every older person and family member in our domain ins involved fully in decision making for the welfare of our clients.