South Florida Guardianship About Us

South Florida Guardianship About Us

South Florida Guardianship Program came into being in 1991. The program was designed to offer quality, professional services for the community.

SFGP is run as a private, non-profit organization that provides full-service corporate guardian and care management. South Florida Guardianship Program caters to all clients regardless of race, ethnicity, or nationality.

SFGP also caters to all clients regardless of their religion, color, psychical disability, sex, veteran status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability. SFGP extends the following services to our clients.


Legal Services

South Florida Guardianship Program general counsel practices guardianship and elder law. The attorneys also partake in all related legal issues that pertain to representing the ward or guardian.

An in-house legal department makes it possible for the program to continue providing current, quality legal services fast and at a fraction of the cost of a private firm.

The General Counsel provides almost immediate access to the probate court system should an emergency arise. The guardianship process is too extensive and complicated since the older adult, in most instances, loses part of their rights.

The appointed attorney charged with specific duties and responsibilities to the older person will draft legal papers, attend court, ensuring that the guardian or ward gets the ruling they deserve.

South Florida Guardianship Program General Counsel comes in handy to explain and ensure all parties (guardians, older adults, and family members) understand their roles. The lawyers help the legal process go smoothly and expeditiously.


Financial Services

SFGP offers each client enlisted personalized financial services. Experienced and professional financial experts accord each client with tailor-made services.

The professional accounting department puts into account care needs, assets, and income. They manage, pay bills, and secure assets on behalf of the client.

SFGP is a non-profit organization that helps clients make use of the community, government, and insurance benefits to the maximum.

South Florida Guardianship Program liaises with families, to better provide assistance and advice for their budgeting and other financial arrangements.

When it comes to wealth management, SFGP designs comprehensive strategies, connects clients with reputable trust departments, and investment firms that cater to every individual’s financial requirements.

SFGP utilizes a model of asset management that helps clients make informed decisions about asset management. SFGP caters to patients requiring long term care insurance.

Our experience in this field helps us expedite medical and insurance claims. South Florida Guardianship Program carries a close and mutual understanding with said insurance carriers, thus easing the process for making medical claims for our clients.

SFGP carries out other services, including home care assessment, filing and submitting all necessary claim paperwork on behalf of the clients.


Care Management

South Florida Guardianship Program utilizes a multidimensional and multidisciplinary assessment platform, which makes it easier to evaluate clients.

SFGP assess physical health, functional ability, cognition, and mental health, not forgetting the socio-environmental impact.

Through doctors’ guidance, SFGP professionals evaluate the ward’s physical health elements encompassing; balance, vision, hearing, fecal and urinary continence, and nutrition.

The geriatric assessments help in the proper diagnosis of medical conditions, the creation of treatment, and follow-up plans. SFGP takes part in the coordination of od care management and evaluating long-term care needs for the elderly.

South Florida Guardianship Program takes into account nursing home care and long-term care needs. The amount of home support extended to the elderly is going up, and our professional team guarantees that every individual’s need is met.

SFGP comes up with preparations plans that help the guardian and the older person come with a robust care plan.

The documented plan details the needs, responsibilities, and actions to be undertaken to ensure that the older person is taken care of properly. SFGP creates a system that manages the risk, as well as spelling out contingency plans that will help avert or handle an emergency.

The plan commences only after all parties (attending doctor, guardian, ward, and family members) are in agreement.


Property Management

As a management agency, South Florida Guardianship Program consistently comes up with preventive maintenance roles that assist us with overseeing and inspecting repairs/constructions conducted by licensed contractors.

SFGP offers professional management services that include coming up with manageable budgets and cashflow forecasts. Creating monthly management statements, managing monthly bookkeeping, and payroll tasks.

SFGP property management services include maintaining residential property calls for ongoing care. Our staff carries out regular maintenance, ensuring that all properties under our care remain in perfect condition.

SFGP works with reputable construction companies and inspection officers to identify maintenance issues that need to be fixed before they become disastrous.

South Florida Guardianship Program carries out numerous kinds of inspections, such as routine inspections that relate to the beginning and the ending of a lease term. All inspection records, including notes, pictures, and dates, are filed and stored securely.

SFGP property agents supervise and coordinate repairs done by repairers. The staff also assigns constriction/repair work, supervise work product, and prepare work schedules on their client’s behalf.

The agents take part in the modification of new or existing properties following the wishes of the clients.


The Team

South Florida Guardianship Program is overseen by an executive team of professionals comprising of the following executive members; President and


Executive Director: Kathleen Phillips founded SFGP in 1991 to run as a private, non-profit cooperate guardianship program.

As a professional guardian, Kathleen has strong associations with financial institutions, numerous community organizations, nursing homes, the legal community, private citizens, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Together with her professional staff, SFGP’s approach to guardianship revolves around personalized attention.


General Counsel: Robert R. Julian, Esquire, provides the services for General Counsel for SFGP. He has years of experience as a public defender before moving on to private practice.

He is also a former partner and shareholder in Marks and Julian, P.A. As the South Florida Bureau Chief and Special Counsel, Julian’s division generated over a quarter of a billion dollars in fines, attorney’s fees, and consumer restitution.


Financial Director: Lou Villadsen is SFGP’s finance director. She has decades of experience working in the private and public financial sectors. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the South Florida Guardianship Program.